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Women Inspirational

BSL Teacher and ABSLTA Chairperson

Accountant and passionate on Futsal

Set up charity for Deaf Community in East London

Counsellor and lover of life especially Ladies’ Pond

Chemistry teacher and university lecturer, researcher on BSL in Science

Activist Mum

Policy and Public Affairs Manager at SignHealth

PhD Research - Academic Background: Geography & International Development

Series Producer and Director


Owner Business of Secret 2 Fitness and Personal Trainer for Well-Being

Dog Grooming & Travel Grooming Business

Passionate on research about DV and how to support Deaf Women, empower them 

Qualified & Registered Sign Language Translator 

Deaffest Co-Founder, Co-director & Deaf Clean Beach under SAS

BSL VV Performer/ Poet

Series Producer & Development Executive. Company Naked for BBC Programme: Escape to the Country & Co-admin for Deaf & Disabled people in TV

Content Creators (Travel, Fashion & Activist for Disability Inclusion & Accessible)

Body Positivity

Mental Health Nurse at Springfield Hospital

Co-admin of BSL Save the Earth

Artist and Owner company: Vilma Jackson Production and VJ Show

Co-Founder and Artist Director of Deafinitely Theatre

Creative Media Artist

Professional Deaf Performer and Dance Choreographer

Mental Health Nurse

The Body Shop at Home Executive Manager

Creative Marketing and Communications

Small Holding Farm and Actresses

Musician, Teacher & Project Leader on Audiovisability 

Registered Veterinary Nurse & Deputed

Passion on Education for Deaf People

Senior Improvement Analyst (Data Analyst) in NHS, Chair of Imperial Hospital’s disabled staff Network

Passionate on Education for Young Deaf People, Local FE College as Deaf Support Teacher

Career Life Journey

Teacher of the Deaf for 26 years and Assistant Head for 9 years

See Hear Presenter and Yumma Food/ Vlogger

Textiles & Combined Media Artist/ Designer, Creative Consultant and Independent Curator

Visual Artist & Art Psychotherapy and DEWA Chairperson

Artist, Writer and Parent-Carer

BSL Consultant, Theatre Access/ Engagement, Activist, Stagetext and Theatre Producer

Actress, Creative Artist, FIVE Sign Languages Teacher, Activist

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